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Polar coordinates

Cartesian coordinates:
x = y =
Polar coordinates:
r = Θ = degree
* π


All results have been rounded to significant digits.

With this calculator you can convert cartesian coordinates of a point into polar coordinates and vice versa. The cartesian coordinates of a point are the value of the abscissa x an the ordinate y. The polar coordinates are the radius r for the distance between the point and the pole (the origin of the cartesian coordinate system) and the angle Θ (or azimut) for the angle (anti-clockwise) between the axis with the angle 0° (corresponding to the abscissa in the cartesian coordinate system) and the point.

Usage: Type the cartesian coordinates or the polar coordinates of a point into the corresponding fields. After a click with the mouse on any free space of the window or the "calculate"-button the calculation is performed. The fields with input data get a light-green background, fields with calculated values are coloured pink. The calculation is performed with the pair of coordinates changed last.
Move the mouse over a unit or click on it to read its full name. Click on the "reset"-button to reset the calculation.

Example: What are the polar coordinates of the point with the cartesian coordinates x=3 und y=5 ? After a click with the mouse on any free space of the window or the "calculate"-button you can read the result. The radius (the distance between the origin and the point) is 5.831. The angle between the connection origin to point and the abscissa-axis is 59.036°. This value corresponds to 1.0304 radians or 0.32798*π.

- Large and small numbers are written exponentially. As example 2.3e5 = 2.3⋅105 = 230000 or 4.5e-5 = 4.5⋅10-5 = 0.000045.
- There is no warranty for the conversion. Cactus2000 is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by wrong results.
- Please send an email if you have suggestions or if you would like to see more conversions to be included.

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