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Energy per mass

J kg-1
kJ kg-1 = J g-1
MJ kg-1
kWh kg-1
calIT g-1 = kcalIT kg-1
calIT lb-1
BtuIT lb-1
calth g-1 = kcalth kg-1
calth lb-1
Btuth lb-1

The results have been rounded to significant digits.

There are many applications for quantities of energy per unit mass. The SI unit is J/kg. Here are some examples:
The heat of combustioncH0) is the energy released as heat when a compound undergoes complete combustion with oxygen. This may be related to the mass. Values like the Higher Heating Value (HHV), the Lower Heating Value (LHV), or the Gross Heating Value (GHV) have the same unit. They differ due to the treatment of the water formed during the combustion process.
Other terms with the same units are the specific energy, the specific enthalpy, the thermal heat capacity, the latent heat, the energy efficiency and many others.

Usage: Type the value to convert into the field, behind which you find the unit. Click on any empty space in the window or on the "calculate" button. Read the result in the other fields. Use the "reset" button to reset your calculation. Move the mouse over a unit or click on it to read its full name.

Example: Wood has a gross heating value of about 15 MJ/kg. How much is this in Btu/lb ? Type "15" into the field behind which "MJ kg-1" is written. Click on any empty space in the window or on the "calculate" button. Read the result in the other fields. (e.g. 6448.8 BtuIT/lb).

- Large and small numbers are written exponentially. As example 2.3e5 = 2.3⋅105 = 230000 or 4.5e-5 = 4.5⋅10-5 = 0.000045.
- There is no warranty for the conversion. Cactus2000 is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by wrong results.
- Please send an email if you have suggestions or if you would like to see more conversions to be included.

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