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About Cactus2000

French conjugation tables for offline use

- Download - Order -

The offline collection of the French conjugation tables allows you to always access the tables for quick reference.

French conjugation tables for offline use

  • The Cactus2000 conjugation tables provide you an easy way to look up French conjugation.
  • Tables of 144 French verbs (all existing verb classes). Each table contains 98 verb forms.
  • French conjugation tables for offline use include all verb types. On the website French conjugation you can find the list of verb types.
  • The offline tables use smaller windows, allowing you to simultanously display other applications.
  • Allows copy and paste for use with other applications such as word processing software.
  • Open more than one table at a time (picture above).
  • Index table for quick selection of verbs(picture on the right)
  • There is an offline test version available for download. The download contains the verbs "avoir" and "changer".
  • Requires a browser with JavaScript enabled
  • The full collection costs €5. You can order online. You will quickly recieve the collection via email.
  • French conjugation tables for offline use, Index

    If you have questions or suggestions please write us an email. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

    Free download of the evaluation version.
    Order the full version.


    Bernd Krüger, 2015