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Learning Languages
- VocTrain  (vocabulary German/French/English or German/Spain)
- VerbTrain  (English irregular verbs)
- KonjugationsIgel   (German and French conjugation trainer)
  (German, French, Spanish, Italian and/or Portuguese conjugation tool)
- Conjugation tables  (French, 144 verbs)
CalcTrain  (free math trainer)
small travel vocabulary (pdf)
Unit converters


Unit converters
Sunset calculation
Conjugation tables
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Portuguese
- English
- Dutch
Number plates

About Cactus2000


Vocabulary trainer
with search and dictionary abilities
English - French - German or Spanish - German

  • Tri-lingual. Allows each combination between English, French and German. The third language is also displayed with the answers.
  • Spanish - German
  • Different difficulties
  • Many variatons, e.g. briefly displaying the answer.
  • Supports multiple users with individual color and game settings.
  • Statistics for each user
  • Mistakes files for repeating words you didnĊ½t know
  • Search and dictionary abilities

Download VocTrain with evaluation lessons (Instructions)
Basic vocabulary English - French - German. The 4000-5000 most frequently used words (Price €10).
Subject vocabulary English - French - German. 4000-5000 words in 75 thematic lessons (Price €10).
Basic vocabulary Spanish - German. The 4000-5000 most frequently used words (Price €7.50).
Subject vocabulary Spanish - German. 4000-5000 words in 75 thematic lessons (Price €7.50).
20% discount if two products are ordered

VocTrain is a vocabulary trainer made for quickly learning a basic vocabulary of 4000-5000 words. If you already have such a vocabulary you can choose the more advanced subject vocabulary.
Der gesamte Grundwortschatz entspricht dem Wortschatz, den ein Hauptschulabgänger in seiner Muttersprache beherrschen sollte.
The basic vocabulary is structured alphabeticaly. One option is to play the build in 100 words lessons based on French (English - French - German) or German (Spanish - German) word order. I
The application offers different playing modes to facilitate learning. In the view mode you can quickly get an overview of a lesson. The copy mode is well suited for learning a new lesson. Two multiple choice modes help with training your passive word recognition. And naturally the typing mode where you can refine your vocabulary knowledge and spelling.
These modes are configurable for best matching your individual needs.
If your keybord does not support special characters such as umlauts or accents you can either enter these characters with the application toolbar or use less strict rules in the spell check options.

In the English - French - German game each combination between two langauges is possible. The third language is also displayed with the answers.

You can download VocTrain for free. This version includes an evaluation dataset. If you like VocTrain, please order the dataset(s) you need.
Both basic and advanced vocabulary sets include 4000-5000 words per language.

Download VocTrain with evaluation lessons (Instructions)
Order of the full version of VocTrain

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