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Konjugationsigel Conjugation, vocabulary... Cactus2000 offers tools to learn efficiently German, French, English and Spain.
- Conjugation Tables
- Conjugation trainer
- Vocabulary trainer
je suis These online tables assist with the accurate conjugation
- Dutch
- English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Latin
- Portuguese
- Spanish

ADJECTIVES (French, German)

NUMERALS (French, German, Italian)

Mobile-version (German conjugation)
Online unit conversion Brain training
T-converter More than 110 tools for unit conversion and other calculations from physics, chemistry, meteorology, money, and miscellaneous.
New in March 2014:
- Wien's displacement law
Strand Game with photos. Find pairs, triplets, quartets or quintets with equal pictures. Various motives and parameters of the game.
Including a Gallery of photos.
Vehicle licence plates
Autobahn Tables with vehicle license plates of various countries.
- Austria
- France
- Germany
- Switzerland
- international
Bardeloup Online puzzles with various photographs.
Mathematical games Sunrise and sunset
Lama - Basic arithmetic
- Calculations with fractions
- Roman numerals
- Words to numbers
Wolke Time of sunrise and sunset for many locations.
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