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German numerals

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The number 0 in writing is:

As ordinal number it is:
der/die/das nullte­


All integer numbers between zero and 1 000 000 000 000 000 are translated to their words in German. Numbers bigger than 1 quadrillion (1.0e15) are not translated.

The input may be given in exponential form. The integer numbers may contain blanks, apostrophes ('), dots or commas as delimiters (examples: 12 974 or 12'974 or 12.974 or 12,974). This makes the input by copy/paste easier.

In the German language some numbers have several possibilities for numerals (e.g. for 1952: eintausendneunhundertzweiundfünfzig and tausendneunhundertundzweiundfünfzig). In such a case only one possibility is given.

Written numerals to look-up:

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Written numerals for playing and learning:

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