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Circle and Sphere

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radius = r
diameter = 2 ⋅ r
perimeter = 2 ⋅ π ⋅ r
area = π ⋅ r2

surface area = 4 ⋅ π ⋅ r2
= 4/3 ⋅ π ⋅ r3

Rounding: significant digits.
Decimal sign:

This is a converter for lengths, areas, and volumes of circles and spheres.

Usage: Type the value you want to convert into the respective field. Click on any free space of the window or on the "calculate"-button and read the result. Use the "reset" button to delete your calculation. The units change in correspondance to the input values (cm, cm², cm³ or m, m², m³ etc.).

Example: The radius of a sphere is 5 feet. What is its volume ? Type "5" into the field for the radius. Click on any free space of the window or on the "calculate"-button. Read the result for the volume of the sphere (523.6 cu ft).

- Please note the remarks about the representation of numbers..
- There is no warranty for the calculation. Cactus2000 is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by wrong results.
- Please send an email if you have suggestions or if you would like to see more conversions to be included.

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