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Euro exchange rates

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Euro, €
ATS, Austria
BEF, Belgium
CYP, Cyprus
DM, Germany
EEK, Estonia
ESP, Spain
FIM, Finland
FRF, France
GDR, Greece
HRK, Croatia
IEP, Ireland
ITL, Italy
LTL, Lithuania
LUF, Luxembourg
LVL, Latvia
MTL, Malta
NLG, Netherlands
PTE, Portugal
SIT, Slovenia
SKK, Slovakia

Decimal sign:

Usage: Type the value for the currency you want to convert into the field, behind which you find the unit. Click on any empty space of the window and read the results in the other fields. Move the mouse over a unit or click on it to read its full name. Type the "reset" button to reset the calculation.

Example: You want to convert 1000 Slovenian Tolars into Euros. Type "1000" into the field in front of "SIT". Click on any empty space of the window. Find the result in the field in front of "Euro" (4.17 €).

- Alle Ergebnisse sind auf 2 Stellen gerundet.
- Please note the remarks about the representation of numbers..
- There is no warranty for the calculation. Cactus2000 is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by wrong results.
- Please send an email if you have suggestions or if you would like to see more conversions to be included.

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